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Production safety and advanced mining method
The Group attaches great importance to production safety, sparing no efforts to reduce industrial accident possibility while increasing coal mine capacity. The Group has kept up with advanced safety level. The mines owned and operated by the Group have no experience of any fatalities since 2004. Similarly, the mines reported a small number of occurrences of major injuries over the same period.

Moreover, the Group's coal mines have followed appropriate standards for the type of hazards expected in the geological settings. In coal production, the uppermost safety concern is methane gas generation in the coal mines. The Hedong Coal Field is well known for its high methane gas content. With the exception of Zhaiyadi (which is classified as a low methane generation mine), the other two mines of the Group use advanced methane drainage techniques both in development and Long wall mining. These techniques consist of drilling horizontal in-seam bore holes on pattern from the mine openings to drain methane in advance of mining. Methane from these sources is gathered and pumped to storage tanks located on the surface, where the gas is stored for use by the mine complex and/or the local villages. Some of our mines use a portion of the methane drained. Effective and strict safety monitoring system are conducive to reducing accident probability and is a demonstration of our "safe, healthy and environmental friendly" philosophy in production and management.



Exploration method and facilities
As mentioned in the Technical Review Report prepared by John T. Boyd Company, the mines use steep angle inclines and vertical shafts to access the seams for mining activities. Secondary air shafts (intake or return) are utilized in mines where workings have extended a sufficient distance from the initial access openings to warrant their construction. Generally, workers enter the underground mine workings at the main surface complexes. Long wall mining is the primary coal production method in the mines. Long wall technology is the preferred Chinese method of coal production deriving from a long central government emphasis on maximizing reserve recovery. Long wall methods are generally higher in recovery than any other method found in the underground coal industry.

Surface facilities at the mines are well-established complexes, providing accommodations for all aspects of the mining operation including administration and mine manager offices, materials and parts storage, repair shops, change rooms, bathhouse areas, conference rooms, engineering facilities, mine monitoring and communications station, etc. The mines are remote from major population centers, and off-site workers commute to work by a variety of means including buses, personal vehicles, etc.



Environmental Protection
The Group employed effective measures for environmental management, prevention of surface land subsidence, soil and water conservation, waste rock disposal control, water resource protection, air pollution control and noise abatement. Meanwhile, the Group also employed a waste water recycling system for coal preparation.

John T. Boyd Company was satisfied with the environmental protection of the coal mines before purchasing.




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